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You can recover lost data directly from iOS devices or retrieve backups from iTunes and iCloud. In just a few clicks, what was lost is suddenly found. You can preview lost files before recovery.

Lost data and existing data will be categorized and seperated by colors in the scan result. Besides as a data recovery tool, you can also use this tool to scan and backup existing data on your device to computer. Recover deleted contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call history and more on Mac. Back up your smartphone data to your Mac and restore later.

Syncios Data Recovery for Mac

Selectively browse, preview and retrieve data after scan. Download For OS X Data Loss: Accidentally deleted, virus attacking, improper operation or lost something important. Restore Factory Settings: Find previous data after resetting iPhone. Recover from iTunes Backup - Extract the iTunes backup to selectively retrieve lost data. Recover from iCloud Backup - Recover lost data from your iCloud backup.

The process is ultimately very time-consuming and quite costly, plus it's also almost completely avoidable by implementing a solid, scheduled backup solution and taking some care to follow safe computing habits and best practices. However, in the event of a catastrophic failure that results in a corrupt or failed drive, all is not lost just yet.

Thankfully for end users , data recovery takes on several levels due to the nature of failure in the hard disk. For many individuals, the first cause is also the most common: deleted or "lost" files. This is followed by the next level of failure, which typically occurs due to OS-level system file corruption or the occasional malware infection. These render the drive physically operable, yet the file structures or tables have been rewritten or deleted altogether, so the files unable to be located — almost like a book with a table of contents.

The last level is by far the worst and equally most expensive: hardware failure. This can be anything from clicking noises aka "the click of death" to grinding noises or even the loss of power to the drive. This article will deal specifically with levels one and two, since they're the most common and the easiest to recover data from.

In many cases, the data may even be recoverable by the end user or system admin with a specialized recovery software application. There are numerous types of data recovery software available and even apps that are designed to support multiple OSs — ones that are Linux-based or boot into a specialized DOS-like environment from Live CDs — but they may or may not support all of the native features of OS X.

In this article, we'll focus only on software that runs natively on OS X.

Trustworthy Free Mac Data Recovery Software

The Freeware version is not a time-trial, though it is limited to a maximum recovery of 2 GB of restored data. Geared mainly toward recovering from accidental file deletions or disk formats, EaseUS' product also includes support for data corruption brought about by unexpected crashes, loss of power, or removing a device without first unmounting it. File support includes most of the commonly used image, music, video, and document file types for a variety of applications.

Unfortunately, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac lacks the deeper support for data loss as those found in more commercial suites, especially pertaining to corruption from lost partition table entries or modified boot sectors. Yet, the simple-to-use scanning engine that's built in to EaseUS' product is both effective and fast, while offering full support for OS X Mavericks too.

It works well and is good at what it does: recovering your lost or deleted data from a wide-range of level one and two types of data loss. DR3 is two components in one: a package that installs itself on your Mac computer for native, client scanning of local and externally connected drives and a bootable emergency DVD that can be used to boot from in the event that the damage to the hard disk is too severe to boot into the live OS X environment.

Restorer Ultimate for Mac Features

A feature unique to DR3 and one that sets it apart from other utilities is its scanning engine, which not only scans a drive for physical and logical structure damage but creates a full clone of the failing drive onto an image that is then stored locally on your computer or an external disk. Recovery then commences from the clean image so as to not damage the malfunctioning drive further.

This particular technique is used by security and system admins prior to conducting forensics on physical media. By doing so, the original drive is protected from contamination, much like detectives preserve the scene of a crime.

Mac Data Recovery Software - Recover Any Data on Mac

Another important feature is its FileIQ, which helps the app "learn" file types and add them to an internal database used by the DR3 when performing scans. This is a huge benefit for developers or enterprises that rely extensively on in-house developed code, and the code may include the use of proprietary file types when used with corporate applications. Prosoft has been creating data recovery software since Sadly, Data Rescue 3 has not been updated since I have successfully used the full-version application available from their website on OS X This is a bit of a let down, since this particular application works quite well and has garnered several awards in the past for being exceptionally good at data recovery.