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  1. The Best YouTube Converter Software for Windows and Mac
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It also allows you to send the resultant file to your social networks, email and many other sharing options. It is an easy app to use and has a lot of customization options. Apart from converting YouTube videos, you can also convert those that are stored in your gallery. This is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to convert over video and audio formats into MP3 that you can play on your iPad. This versatility makes it very handing since it can handle most formats.

The Best YouTube Converter Software for Windows and Mac

The user interface is very beautiful making it great to work with. There are no complex conversion settings and this makes it easy to use, even for a novice. A powerful audio converter that allows you to convert video and audio files onto various audio formats. This is great when you want to get audio that can be played on different devices, both iOS and Android.

Typical Applications

The tool allows for the editing of tags and other metadata, for easy organization. You no longer have to go looking for album art, since it will get these automatically. This is a free music finder, player and converter. You can search and preview all YouTube music videos and then convert them into MP3 with you can listing on your iPad.

You can also search for the music. It allows for batch conversion of files. This is a powerful tool that allows you to convert video into several different formats. The tool supports over video and audio formats.

You can add videos for your Camcorder, a mobile device, specific folders or as single files. You may also drag the video files and drop them into the interface of the program. Once the video files have been uploaded they will be visible in the program window.

Best YouTube to MP3 converters for macOS Catalina

When your files have been uploaded, you should choose the output format. In this case, you will choose MP3 since that is what you need. The tool can also convert video files to many other audio formats.

You will also be able to tweak some of the settings as concerns the quality of the resultant audio file. Once you are happy and have previewed the r4esulatnt audio file, you may now convert the video. You will get your resultant audio file within a few minutes.

Despite its name, 4K YouTube to MP3 also allows you to save the soundtracks from videos in OGG and M4A formats, and you can take your pick from various bitrates so you can choose a suitable balance of speed and quality though in our experience, even downloading at the highest bitrate is quick and painless. It doesn't just support YouTube, either; you can also use it to save the sound from videos hosted on Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook, SoundCloud and others.

Just copy the address from your web browser and click the green 'Paste URL' button to get started. Upgrading to the premium version for a one-off fee will allow you to download entire playlists, but the free software is perfect for everyday use. Unfortunately, like Any Video Converter Free, there is bundled adware from ByteFence to avoid, so be watchful during the installation and uncheck any additional bits and pieces you don't want.

Once installed, however, you're in for a treat.

How do I use your YouTube to mp3 converter?

There's no need to fiddle about with options, you can just get on with downloading the music you're interested in immediately. Use a simple drop-down menu to choose the quality and format you would like to save your audio file, paste the URL, and click Download. Files are saved and converted in one fell swoop.

The beauty of Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is that there's no messing about, nothing superfluous, and nothing confusing.

It has one purpose in mind, and it has been designed to do it as efficiently as possible. Definitely worth a try — we're sure you'll love it! It works in a similar way, too, but because this app is chiefly for downloading whole videos, there are a couple of extra steps involved. The free version of 4K Video Downloader lets you download up to 24 videos in a playlists, which is particularly useful for grabbing several songs by a particular artist. You can download and convert longer playlists to MP3 format if you buy a license key , but the software's free features are very impressive.

An utter delight of a program, ClipGrab makes converting from YouTube to MP3 nice and simple — aside from the bundling of the Opera browser, which is easy to skip if you'd rather avoid it.