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Mike Campbell, on the other hand, seemed perfectly content to hide in the shadows despite the stature and quality of his lead guitar playing. Aside from the absence of Lindsey Buckingham, the most stunning part of the current tour is the desire the group has to dig into their vast catalog for tracks that predate the involvement of Nicks and even Christine McVie.

  • Fleetwood Mac "Oh Well Part 2" Guitar Tab in E Minor - Download & Print - SKU: MN;
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His guitar work on the track provided the type of moments fans didn't often hear on Tom Petty records. Campbell made his way across the stage during the track to interact with Christine McVie on keyboards.

Oh Well (Live) (1998 Remastered Version)

Mick Fleetwood stood up from his drum kit as the song came to a close, grinning ear to ear as he pointed a drumstick directly at Campbell. That moment was one of many which revealed just how much fun the members of Fleetwood Mac seem to be having at the moment, not necessarily a given during past Fleetwood Mac outings. Despite his absence, the group made no effort to shy away from Fleetwood Mac fare that's closely associated with Lindsey Buckingham.

These are polarizing times for Fleetwood Mac fans, as evidenced by fan reaction on social media to Lindsey's departure, the current tour and newly updated setlist. On one hand, fans who approach the group nostalgically miss the guitarist, while others are happy for a fresh take on vital songs the group ignored for decades. One thing that can't be argued is that the addition of Campbell and Finn seem to have injected new life into Fleetwood Mac.

'Brown Eyes'

While it remains to be seen if that carries over to the studio, fans who can approach this lineup with an open mind will be vastly rewarded in the live concert setting. While it's strange to see Fleetwood Mac covering, say, Crowded House, it's rewarding to see a band willing to shake things up and try something different this far in, even if that means ignoring the nostalgia for a change. Oh Well Part 2 By: Fleetwood Mac Instruments: Guitar 1 Guitar 2 Scorings: Guitar Tab Original Published Key: E Minor Product Type: Musicnotes Product: MN Price: The Arrangement Details Tab gives you detailed information about this particular arrangement of Oh Well Part 2 - not necessarily the song.

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Top 10 Fleetwood Mac John McVie Songs

View All Arrangements. Fleetwood Mac Additional Performer: Peter Green Number of Pages: Song Instruments: Guitar 1 Guitar 2 Scoring: MN Tempo: Moderately Metronome: Guitar TAB Styles: Peter Green Date: You want a first class bass riff? You got it! Written by original band leader Green, 'Oh Well' has one of the most dynamic guitar riffs ever, while John McVie takes the song all the way home with his anchoring bass.

Fleetwood Mac Tabs & Chords, Tabulaturi si Acorduri de chitara

The song was originally divided into Pt. The song has stayed with the band for decades and the intense, stripped down live version from the 'Live' album is probably the more known version to most at this point. After the gargantuan success of 'Rumours,' what were the Mac to do? Simple, put Buckingham firmly in the driver's seat and let him draw up the maps.

Fleetwood Mac "Oh Well Part 2" Guitar Tab in E Minor - Download & Print - SKU: MN

Though nowhere near as relentlessly polished as it's predecessor, 'Tusk' was an artistic triumph that still shines brighter than it's own mother's sun. Nowhere is the startling aspect of the new material more evident than on the title track. Released as a single preceding the LP, its jarring and unconventional style led to a lot of puzzled looks and confused ears.

The tribal beat sets the mood as Buckingham's haunting vocals and guitar, along with McVie's slithering bass moves this beast along.

From the locked groove McVie and Mick Fleetwod land in to commandeer this Mac classic, to the signature bass riff that propels the ending of the track, McVie outdoes himself on 'The Chain. It's one of the few songs not to be release as a single from that multi-platinum LP. The ending bass riff section of the song was used as the theme for the BBC show 'Grand Prix' for nearly twenty years.

Well, that's our ten cents on all things John McVie.