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He talked about some personal differences, and getting through some rough emotional opposites. Sunday, June Rush at Jones Beach. There's no better in order to see these classic rockers than outdoors with the ocean into the back, and Rush puts on a show like no other band. Read my last review of Rush's Time Machine tour by clicking this link. Renee covers the songs, nothing is original. I'm Wrong - Sharon Van Etten.

Ask - Sharon Van Etten.


Magic Chords - Sharon Van Etten. In Line - Sharon Van Etten. Leonard - Sharon Van Etten.

Kevin's - Sharon Van Etten. Serpents - Sharon Van Etten. Give Out - Sharon Van Etten.

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Warsaw - Sharon Van Etten. Love More - Sharon Van Etten.

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac (Lyrics Karaoke) [ ibfumosurfbi.gq ]

One Day - Sharon Van Etten. Dsharpg - Sharon Van Etten. Save Yourself - Sharon Van Etten. Peace Signs - Sharon Van Etten. A Crime - Sharon Van Etten.

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Holding Out - Sharon Van Etten. Keep - Sharon Van Etten. Until he learns to look at himself honestly--which ought to include re-evaluating his attitude toward women--he's going to remain lonely.

The 16 Funniest 'Behind The Lyrics' Quotes On Spotify

That until he gets his shit together, no one will want to be with him. My interpretation is based on how the lyrics criticize Buckingham, the most obvious example being "players only love you when they're playing.


Of the three times she sings "Women, they will come and they will go," twice she precedes it with "Say If she hadn't dropped these elements, the entire line would be: YOU say, "Women, they will come and they will go. Overall, Stevie's saying, "Because I'm a woman, you didn't respect me as an individual. That's how you treat ALL women.

Maybe you think you're open-minded, but you've got a lot to learn.

The genius of Tusk

It's irresistible. Word is, Stevie composed the song on piano in ten minutes. Christine McVie thought it was weak: After the band finished arranging it, Christine might have felt differently Play it on headphones, and "listen carefully" to how Stevie's backing vocals are like a delayed echo of the preceding lines There are reasons you couldn't turn on a radio in the late '70s without hearing this song, and why Rumours sold 40 million.

Do you write this shit for a living or do you simply have no life? I love music and looking at these comments, but jeeez.

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  • The genius of Tusk – Stevie Nicks.
  • Who has the time to type all of that stuff? I wish I did. Don't mean to sound snide. I do thank you. Flag heisguitarded on September 08, Well, your choice of words sounds slightly harsh, but I worked in data processing for 20 years but--having been on disability for the past two--I now have a lot of time. And music is very important to me: You could hardly imagine how elaborately I've personalized my iTunes library I find it difficult to keep up with replying to my e-mail, because I sit down to write a quick message and am surprised to notice three hours have gone by, and "oh shit, here I go again.

    One of the symptoms is "overelaborate speech. I used to write a great deal more some of it for publication but my health has put limits on my verbosity.

    The flood of words still forces its way out, once in awhile. At least I'm not a basement dweller; I like my place, in a quiet section of a medium-to-large sized city. My agoraphobia comes and goes; lately I've been enjoying being out in the world. A friend who is protective and very observant has noticed I'm not spending so much time in hibernation as I once did. I have a small number of close friends, which is what I prefer. Flag foreverdrone on October 27, I hope you won't mind if I email you.

    He didn't like the way it made him feel. So when Stevie wasn't needed in the studio one day, Lindsey convinced the band to exclude it from the album. And because with him, it was always his way or the highway, he convinced them to agree with him. He made Mick tell Stevie Nicks outside in the parking lot later on, when he decided to replace "Silver Springs" with "I Don't Want to Know", which was a song Stevie wrote before they joined Fleetwood Mac and were a duo. She was pretty angry, to say the least.

    You Make Loving Fun lyrics - Fleetwood Mac - Genius Lyrics

    And to add insult to injury, they put it as the b-side to "Go Your Own Way". Song Meaning The singer and her lover have broken up. The reason is because her lover wants to be free to do whatever he wants and doesn't want to so committed to the relationship. She's saying that after he goes and lives his life of freedom, at the end of the day he'll just be lonely and reminiscing on the relationship they once had. The singer is hoping that he'll truly realize what he's lost. She also says that she wanted to "wrap herself around his dreams" which basically means that she was going to be there for him in the long run when his days of partying or doing whatever it is he wants to do is over.

    When he's all done having his fun and living out his life he'll realize that he's all alone. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment this song is about guys abusing relationships mainly. ME Awe, I'm sorry hun.