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I have to end up converting a Word file to a Word file.

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In other words, all of my Word files on my Mac have to be converted, but I want them to remain as Word files for purposes of reading on both my PC and my Mac Lion. When I choose a Word file to convert in the Zamzar program, the drop-down menu to choose the converted format does not include Word.

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And once this is solved, how is this done in batch mode? I have hundreds of documents created over the years. That's why using true open formats like ODF is a key point now. So just try and see if that works.

Please add '[Solved]' at the beginning of your first post title edit button if your issue has been fixed. AOO 4. Zamzar with one file? But perhaps I haven't understood your first post. As said, that's vendor lock-in policy.

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In all cases, these were created with MS Office for Mac They will open find in the latest PC Windows 7 and they also opened could be created and opened fine in Snow Leopard. However, now that I have Lion It shows 3 earlier versions of Word programs that I can choose such as 95, ' Picking any of these will indeed create the word document. However, once created, it cannot be opened in Lion. Unless OOo allows the creation of a Word document using a late or choice, it the file will not open in Lion. I was hoping that MS would supply a patch that would bring their formats up to speed with Lion.

Hope this explains it better. Larry I. I tried it with one file and it opened fine in Lion as a word doc after the Get Info choice. The reason is that in Get Info, it shows Microsoft Office as the default. I'll fix this and it should work better on the transfer back and forth.

Office Mac: Excel and Word can't save or print - Microsoft Community

I'll try it several more times and make sure everything is working correctly before I commit all of my files to the process. It is obvious that the Mac Office still in the Applications folder does not participate in any way when I try to open the word document, but I understand that Apple is working with MS to try to get it to support more of its Apps, so I guess I will leave it where it is for the time being. Thanks to everyone for the help. By the way,. This immediately set the default to the OpenOffice in the Get Info window.

All files in Mac will now open as. This also avoids having to perform the "Change all Microsoft Windows 10 Windows Com Microsoft Windows 10 Computer So Microsoft Mac Office and Busines Microsoft Windows 7 Computer Sof Microsoft Windows Office and Bus Microsoft Windows 95 Computer So Microsoft Windows Server R Microsoft Windows 95 Microsoft C Make an Offer.

Office 2004 for Mac

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